This garden setup is ideal for a vacation cottage that requires no tending. Planted on June 3rd with only 1 additional visit, no watering.

The system does the work.

At most 2-4 hours per week including harvesting, watering, barely weeding.

3-Step Combination Best Practices:

  1. High intensity gardening
  2. Raised beds
    1. with good, fertile soil quality &
    2. Custom Blend Fertilizer (N-P-K) 5-10-4
  3. Core gardening watering method


7 Easy Steps and list for Core Gardens here

1. Construct Raised Beds – 4 feet wide

2. Cover the Ground

3. Begin Adding Dirt

4. Add the Core –  8-10″ deep trench, 1/2 bale of straw per bed

5. Cover with Soil

6. Plant

7. Charge Your Core – 15-20 gallons of water

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