The Autopilot Garden

The best way to increase your standard of living, without increasing your cost of living, is to grow your own food.

Thorough guide of nuggets for productive organic gardens. Beautiful color –real growing images– with no editing, showing true results.  Train your garden to practically grow itself with this new guide from YouTube gardening sensations Luke and Sindy Marion, founders of MIGardener. Instead of slaving away year after year, work smarter (not harder) by strategizing to help your garden become self-sufficient. Learn to break down traditional thinking and implement systems that will save time, hassle, weeding, water, and space wherever you live. Create an organic garden that allows you to enjoy the rest of the season on autopilot.the-autopilot-garden-405x521

You get to feed your family the highest quality produce. When I see my child growing up strong, I feel so proud, that almost everything we put on the table, at least a component, is grown from our garden. That is an incredible feeling, that money can’t buy.

If a twenty dollar book can save someone tens of thousands of dollars, then my mission is complete.

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