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Easy Children’s Vegetable Garden with Teepee

Imagine sitting in your garden tepee and plucking a sun-warmed cherry tomato, then biting down so the sweet juice drips down your chin. Ahhh summer, and you’re a kid on vacation. Many joys and many lessons can be found in this jewel of a garden. Once this children’s garden is planted, it takes only a few hours a week to keep it looking its best.

Garden size: 6 x 6 feet


All American Garden

Some of the best-tasting vegetables, including ‘Sugar Snap’ pea and ‘Brandywine’ tomato, came from American gardens. Celebrate homegrown flavor with this garden. Site this garden in full sun and well-drained soil for best harvests. Spread mulch over the soil to help decrease weeds and disease.

Garden size: 6 x 6 feet


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