Step 1 – Plug Trays

Seedling Germinating Trays

  • 1 inch x 1 inch (1 cubic inch of soil) seed starting trays
  • Options: 128 cells–288 plants, 512 cell flat (approx 10×24 inch trays)

200 cell

1 inch trays



Step 2 – Up-Pot Seedlings from Plug Trays to larger cell trays

  • Approx 30 minutes to transplant 1 tray of 1 inch cell sprouts to larger cell trays
  • pop out from bottom
  • Transplant right after first set of adult leaves
  • Into 4 -6 cell trays 72 cell long
  • If not ready to plant into garden, can transplant again into 3 inch circular pots
  • Up Potting Soil Mix Recipe

4 Part Up-Potting Soil Mix

  1. compost
  2. worm castings
  3. perlite
    1. (expanded volcanic rock) for drainage.
    2. when mixing, wear a mask, add downwind
  4. vermiculite
    1. (pourous expanded volcanic rock, for water retention)

1 part perlite – medium grade

1 part vermiculite – medium grade

Step 3 – Harden Outside, then Transplant Seedlings to Garden Beds or Field


  • Just prior to planting, prevent shock by watering with liquid manure or compost tea
    • Apply as a soil drench or root dip when transplanting.
  • Water around base to exclude air, do not water leaves
  • After 1 week, apply organic fertilizer, and mulch


How to Make Compost Tea to Root Dip Transplants