Benefits of Vertical Gardening

  • Supports Plants
  • Better aeration
  • Eliminates Disease
  • Easy Harvest

Support for Indeterminate tomatoes, Runner Beans, Limas, Pole Beans, Pickling & Slicer Cucumbers, Winter Squash, Small Personal Size Melons, Yard Long Asparagus Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucamelons, Climbing Morning Glories, roses, grapes, jasmine, wisteria….

Watch How to Make 3 Easy Cattle Panel Supports:

1-Turn lengthwise as long trellis (use 3 t-posts to support)

2-Attach 2 panels with zip ties for long teepee trellis

3-Bend into Grow Arch.

Vertical Gardening & Grow Arches

Best Support for Determinate (Bush) Tomatoes

Use Grow Arch for Indeterminate (Vining Tall) Tomatoes



Greenhouse for Seed Starting


How to load a cattle panel in a short bed pickup truck. This method does NOT bend the cattle panel or distort it at all.

Shade Cloth Cover