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We like the way Small World placed a diffuser with Legend Protective Essential Oil in every classroom for flu viral prevention, studies show 90% effectiveness. — Order today at 50% savings for Educators.

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Role of an essential oil in antiviral activity

Christmas Aroma of  LEGEND PROTECTIVE BLEND Cinnamon Clove Citrus – INCLUDED IN KIT



90% Effective, NCBI studies show
Influenza virus infectivity was suppressed by essential oil treatment by 90%

National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine

Disease Prevention Comes from Nature

Diffuse daily in your home, office classroom or medical waiting areas for anti-viral protection.

Teacher Wellness  Diffuser Kit

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Sign Up – 2 Fun, Easy Ways to Be a Part of Farm to School :🌽Seed Starting & 🍅Edible Schoolyard Garden Club

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Bluebird CSA [Community Supported Agriculture] CLEAR LOGOis honored to serve Farm to School Garden Projects. A substantial Seed Bank has been established by generous donations! We’re so excited about 2019 Summer Harvest!

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Welcome All Ages, Parents, Grandparents, Friends, Educators, Students!
– Edible Schoolyard – Garden Club Signup-FREE SEEDS to GROW for School Garden – Seed Bank Distribution. Receive FREE 1-12 packs of organic, heirloom and assorted seeds to grow for Farm-to-School Gardens.  You should receive email to pickup your free seeds. Questions: bluebirdmarket@gmail.com

Sign Up by Text 706-938-8829

Email: bluebirdmarket@gmail.com

or Contact Form here:


To easily identify transplants, please save & return empty seed packs and place ID marker with each plant you grow. Thank you!!garden logo


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